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What to Expect

"We guarantee more fun than you think!"


Axe Throwing events always begins with introductions and signing our liability waiver if you haven't already done so online. We offer alcoholic and or non-alcoholic drinks allowing people to settle in and get comfortable before going over our safety polices, proper handling of the axe and finally teaching the throwing technique.

Next everyone gets ample opportunity to dial in their throw. Our axe throwing coaches  are always present, monitoring and helping you with tips to ensure you get sticking the axe quickly.

Now you're ready to play some games with axe throwing! Your coaches will help set up games and often score keep allowing you to focus on throwing and enjoying yourself! 


The way in which your axe throwing activity rolls out is
dependent on your individual group. 


Whether you're a group of 6 competitive axe throwers vying to crown yourself the Axe Master, or a family with young kids trying out a new fun activity, we promise you'll have more fun than you originally think!